What’s a Backlog?

This is not a typical blog. Don’t expect to read it in reverse chronological order by the creation date of its content. This is more like a memoir, in bits and pieces written sporadically, and in no particular order. (Actually, it’s more like notes for a memoir that will never be integrated into a coherent whole.) There is a little more explanation in the Key Pages listed over there —>

You might wonder: What is the point? I’ve tried to answer that on the page titled “Why? How?” What follows below are some pointers to finding your way through the intertwingled posts of this ‘backlog’.

The title of each post includes the date of the events it refers to, and each post is tagged with keywords, so that the blog machinery (WordPress) can display them in various useful orders.

Here’s a random quote from my collection:

He who has not lost his head over something probably has no head to lose.

— Jean Paul Richter

Here are some entry points that might be useful:

  • The posts tagged as bookreports
  • The posts tagged as memes
  • The posts tagged as travel
  • The posts tagged as fitness (cycling, walking, etc.)
  • The posts tagged as event (i.e., my life story)
  • The posts tagged as ck (Castle Knob)
  • The posts tagged as work
  • The posts tagged as backlog, helping to organize this site (also lists unfinished posts)
  • The posts tagged as project, my personal projects

My collection of book reports is a big part of this site, and there is a page that lists them, in a table that can be sorted by title, author, etc.

There is a list of posts in order of their title, which should also be the chronological order of their content (i.e., my life).

Following are some conventions I’m trying to follow while creating posts.

Date formats: Dates are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (this is a useful international standard, ISO 8601). If the year, month or day of a date isn’t known or relevant, or if the date is part of a range of dates I use “00”.

Titles for posts: Most posts will correspond to a date, or to a range of dates (I use the starting date in that case). The title of the post should begin with the date, followed by “: ” and a phrase. This should make post titles unique. Lists of post titles can be sorted alphabetically, resulting in a chronological sort, since the titles begin with the date as described above. (That’s one way ISO 8601 is useful.) Titles beginning with ‘0000-00-00’ have to do with the organization of the ‘real’ posts: lists by tags, etc.

Tags: All “backlog” posts should have one or more tags reflecting the nature of the content, such as “bookreport”, “event”, “travel”, etc. The tags commonly used on posts denote the following (note that a post can have multiple tags). The tag cloud in the sidebar shows the tags currently in use; the most-used are shown in larger type. The main tags are meant for the following types of posts:

bookreport: a (usually short) essay on a book (or article or other material) I’ve read.

ck: something about Castle Knob, my publishing company, or one of its projects.

event: some event in my life.

travel: some aspect of a trip away from home.

fitness, cycling, and walking: various types of physical activity.

project: the various projects I have in mind, not necessarily active.

work: something about jobs I’ve had in my so-called career.

unfinished: posts that have been started, but need additional material or checking:

Categories: Most posts should have a category of “backlog”, to indicate the main content of the site.

Though this isn’t meant to be read as a blog, if you’ve been reading the posts for a while you might want to see only the most recently modified posts. In the unlikely event you want to be kept up to date as I add/modify posts, you can use the RSS Feed in the sidebar with your favorite newsreader (such as NewsBlur, my favorite).



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