1960-06-01: My So-called Career

My work experience has included the following “positions”:

  • In Barstow, I sometimes made a little money mowing lawns (at the urging of my parents).
  • Beginning about 1960 in Barstow, while I was in junior high school, I occasionally helped Dad with the parking lot sweeping business. I don’t recall being paid for this, but it was more like work than play, though the sweepers were pretty neat. Also the trips to the dump, populated with feral goats.
  • Dad later partnered in a house-maintenance business, and sometimes I helped out. I think I got paid for this.
  • In high school, I passed the San Bernardino County civil service exam, and worked part-time in the library in Highland, mostly shelving books. It wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped.
  • At Carnegie Tech, I worked part-time in the cafeteria, and as a User Consultant in the computer center, helping other students with their programs and keypunch jams. In summer 1969, I worked in the  computer center as a programmer on the Univac 1108 operating system.
  • Also at Carnegie, I worked in the cafeteria and in the library. The library was better.
  • In the summer of 1967, I worked a couple of weeks as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. (Notice I didn’t say I sold encyclopedias door-to-door.)
  • By 1968, Uncle Bob made his mother, who hired for FEDCO, hire me as summer help (Family comes first!). This lasted through 1970, and became full-time in 1971. To work there, I had to join the Teamsters Union!
  • In January 1972, I started working as a contractor for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, California.
  • At the University of New Hampshire, I was a teaching assistant and a research assistant, culminating in a field trip to Australia.
  • In January 1978, I started working for Sperry Rand (which eventually became Unisys). Awarded Silver Snoopy.
  • In May 1995, I started working for the Tax Systems Modernization Institute of the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute. Note the word “Institute” appears three times in the organization’s name. Eventually, IITRI was reorganized as Alion, and became an employee-owned company.
  • In 2005, I started working for Management Systems Designers, which was acquired by Lockheed Martin in December 2006.
  • In 2009, I started Castle Knob Publishing.
  • In August 2010, I became an employee of the federal government, in the Internal Revenue Service.
  •  If I’m lucky, I can retire near the end of 2016; if not, maybe 2017. [update: I retired October 28, 2016.]
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