1970-00-00: Disney

When we lived in California, Susan and I went to Disneyland more than once, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes with friends and relatives. In 1972, we timed a trip to see the launch of Apollo 17 with Carl, and went to Walt Disney World just a year after it opened.

When Chris was four, we took her to WDW. This started a tradition of taking her there every four years, which lasted until she was 24. Carl went along for the early trips, and later Chris invited her friends Rachel, Brenna, and Grant.

For most of our WDW trips, we stayed in the cabins at Fort Wilderness. These are basically mobile homes, the equivalent of a one-bedroom apartment, with a fold-down bed in the living room, a double bed and bunk beds in the bedroom, kitchen and bath. These were great for a family, and the Fort Wilderness area is a nice area to get a little low-stress entertainment with no lines.

On our 2004 visit, hurricane Jeanne had devastated parts of Florida, and WDW had opened their For Wilderness cabins (among other parts of their property) to people displaced from their homes; this included the cabin we had reserved. They upgraded us to a larger, nicer apartment in the Old Key West resort. After a couple of days they offered to let us return to our regularly scheduled cabin, but we declined.

When we visited Chris in Paris in 1997, we went to Disneyland Paris; on this trip we went with Celine, a French exchange student we had hosted in Maryland. When we traveled to the CWT meeting in 2010, we went to Disneyland.

We really like the Disney experience.

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