1977-12-00: Job Hunting

After I returned from Australia, I had to find a job. I visited a local recruiting agency (Quest Systems?), where they reviewed my background and arranged interviews at a half-dozen companies in the Washington area, on the Maryland side of the Potomac.

When the interviews were finished, I had more offers than companies I interviewed with. I selected a position with Sperry, to begin work in mid-January. On the way home from a meeting where I accepted their offer, I was driving our Saab 99 over a road slick from recent snow. I crested a hill near home a bit too fast and lost control of the car on the downhill, hitting an obstacle on the side of the road. The car was still (barely) drivable, so I gingerly drove it the rest of the way home. We arranged for it to be taken to a body shop, where they worked on the exterior damage while a replacement rack (part of the rack-and-pinion steering) was ordered. The Saab is a Swedish car, and the required part was not available in the US, so it had to be shipped (by ship) from Sweden. When the rack arrived, it turned out to be a roof rack, due to unfamiliarity of the local mechanics with the Saab. Eventually the right part was procured and repairs completed. We didn’t keep it long after that.


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