1992-00-00: Cycling

Of course I rode a bike before 1992, and I have the scars to prove it.

Around 1992, we bought three hybrid bikes. (Our old ten-speeds were in pretty bad shape.) Susan and I got matching Specialized Crossroads (black), and Chris got a Specialized Hardrock. These lasted until 2006, when Susan and I bought a matching pair (see the theme?) of Specialized Sirrus (silver). In 2014, I got a Specialized Sirrus Elite (black/red), breaking the pattern.

I started keeping a log of Susan’s and my rides in 2003, and have kept it pretty well up-to-date since then, with over 15,000 miles logged. Using an Excel workbook, I can slice and dice the numbers to look at the rides in different ways. The most common way I use it these days (in 2014), is to track the cumulative miles by month since the beginning of the year. This shows me how I’m doing compared with the past few years. In 2013 I rode 1,827 miles. As of July 2014, I’m  more than 100 miles behind the pace I set last year.

Most of our riding starts and ends at the house, but occasionally we’ve done other rides. A couple of times we rode to Solomon’s Island for an overnight stay at a B&B. We’ve ridden in Seattle when visiting Chris and Grant. Our biggest ride was in 2010, a 12-day tour of Vermont that deserves its own post.


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