1993-08-08: Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

This “book report” contains some definitions and citations from the OED or the Supplement.  Only dates are given for the citations.

hunger, sb.  Add: 4. e. hunger-march, a march, undertaken usually by the unemployed, in order to call attention to their needs and claims; so hunger-marcher; hunger strike, the action of a person, esp. a prisoner, who refuses food in order to induce someone to yield to his demands; so hunger-strike v. intr., to go on hunger-strike; hunger-striker, hunger-striking vbl. sb.

1908 A statement of the purpose of the ‘Hunger March’.  1908 He had no knowledge the ‘Hunger Marchers’ were coming there that day.  1922 Unemployed hunger marchers are persisting in their determination to see the Prime Minister.  1939 Hunger-marchers, May Day processions … they were all new.  1950 Europe trembled under the torn boots of the hunger marchers. 1972 Among the older people, there was grave talk of the days of mass unemployment and the Hunger Marches.

1889 Here I heard … the narrative of the hunger-strike of the four women in the prison of Irkutsk.  1903 Upon these conditions I consented not to prolong my ‘hunger-strike’.  1908 The Central Prisons Administration has circularised the provincial Governors regarding the so-called ‘hunger strikes’, which are a characteristic feature of the Russian prison life.  1914 She has hunger-struck in prison.  She submitted herself for more than five weeks to the horrible ordeal of feeding by force.  1916 ‘I’ve been to prison.’  Martin … asked if she hunger-struck.  1916 Her duties involved incendiarism, imprisonment, and hunger-striking.  1922 He gave his orders for the release of the hunger-strikers.  1937 I had intended to stop my hunger strike as soon as my letter to the Consul had been sent off.  1970 In February Feron went on hunger strike in protest but was taken ill and for a month existed only on drugs.  1972 Already the names of McSwiney and MacCaughey, hunger-strikers of an earlier era, are being conjured up.  1973 He will stage a 48-hour hunger strike outside the Soviet Embassy.


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