1995-06-00: Uncle Nikki’s

The date of this event is uncertain; it was definitely during the summer of one of the early years of Prince Georges Stadium.

Susan and I attended a Bowie Baysox minor league baseball game at Prince Georges Stadium. We arrived fairly early, and the guy in charge of promotions asked if I would like to participate. Four people participated in the contest. If the Baysox hit a home run, the first one would win something; if the Baysox hit two home runs, the second would win something, and so on. If the Baysox hit four home runs, I would win a free dinner at Uncle Nikki’s in Bowie (a restaurant I had never been to).

As the game wore on, our interest flagged a bit (as it often does at baseball games), but after a while, the Baysox had three home runs, and three people had been honored by having their names appear on the left-field scoreboard. Now we were stuck: if we left, we wouldn’t be able to collect our prize in the event of another home run. To make it worse, the Baysox were three runs behind going into the bottom of the ninth. The crowd was pretty sparse by this time.

Well, the Baysox managed to load the bases, and had two outs. The last batter of the game came to the plate and the faithful few remaining watched in anticipation. Two strikes, and we’re ready to leave, when the batter hit a grand slam home run. The ball had barely cleared the left field wall, when the scoreboard lit up with “CONGRATULATIONS MIKE BLACKSTONE!”. The promo guy found us quickly, and gave us our coupons.

Not long after this, we went to Uncle Nikki’s, which turned out to specialize in catfish. It was a nice meal, but the story was even better.




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