1995-12-24: More Latin Lyrics

More Latin Lyrics (1976)

by Helen Waddell (1889-1965), ed. by DameFelicitas Corrigan

This is the “sequel” to the work recommended by Rexroth. It was written during World War II. The juxtaposition between the current perceived threat to Western Society by a barbaric mob and the past threat to Western Society by a barbaric mob reflected in some of the poems Waddell translates is at times eerie. In some cases, notes indicate the current event that caused her to turn her attention to a particular poem.

The poems are given, in most cases, in both Latin and English, on facing pages. In a few cases, the original from which she made a translation is not known. Waddell’s own story seems interesting in its own right.

[after transcribing this report on 2014-01-06, I found the earlier work, Medieval Latin Lyrics at the Internet Archive.]

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