2002-01-01: GTD – Life Goals

Part of the GTD approach involves an annual review, where you examine your projects and goals, making sure everything you’re doing supports achieving your life goals. The short list below guides the establishment of other (project-level) goals; they are guidelines for living in the most general sense. Ideally, everything I do would further the achievement of these life goals.

Sound Mind in a Sound Body: There won’t be much point to my life if I don’t have the mental and physical capacity to perform the actions to maintain and enjoy it.

Influence Others: I hope my family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, readers and the myriad others that they influence have better lives as a result of my actions.

Work/Life: Work is the time/effort that I exchange for the income that enables the rest of my life’s goals to be realized. It is an aspect of living in society, and should be balanced with non-work aspects of life, including the potential to retire from work in part or entirely.

Enjoy: I expect to get some joy out of my life, even while working to achieve my goals.

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