2002-12-29: Hands On Feet

Hands On Feet

The New System that Makes Reflexology a Snap! (2001)

by Michelle Kluck (?)

This book was a gift for Susan. It came with a pair of nylon/lycra socks that had charts printed on the soles, showing the reflexology spots.

The book describes how the energy of the human body can be affected by pressure at various places on the feet, primarily the soles, but also the ankle. The technique is not massage, but pressure.

The socks are printed in seven colors, corresponding to the “chakras”, and are stretchy, so that one size fits all. (I haven’t tried them on, but they fit Susan.)

Unfortunately, the first trial was inconclusive, as Susan did not seem to be suffering any congestion of her energy, so no particular benefit could be discerned.


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