2004-07-11: Free Agent Nation

Free Agent Nation

How America’s New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live (2001)

by Daniel H. Pink (1964-)

Pink found himself a free agent, and decided to find out more about the phenomenon, and write a book (as a free agent).

The book is a snapshot of demographics, and a discussion of some of the practicalities of free-agency. He also has established a website: freeagentnation.com

Pink devotes a lot of pages to the stories of people who love being free agents, even those who never wanted to be before being down-sized.

I hoped to find out something about the formalities necessary to being a free agent, such as state regulations, contracts, invoicing, and collection. The book is light on these.

The website says that the book has a ten-page resource, but that is in the later edition, not this one.


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