2004-09-10: An Old Woman’s Reflections

An Old Woman’s Reflections

The Life of a Blasket Island Storyteller (1939, tr 1962)

by Peig Sayers (1873-1958), tr. Séamus Ennis (1919-1982)

We picked this up (along with The Islandman and Twenty Years A-Growing) at the Blasket Island visitor center. They had an interesting presentation and the story of the islanders’ way of life appealed to me (to be clear: the story, not the way of life).

Peig Sayers was a story-teller and daughter of a story-teller on the Island. The stories in this book include personal reminiscence and traditional tales. They are interesting for their folksy tone, but with the organization of a seasoned teller of tales. I found the book very interesting.


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