2005-04-02: All I Did Was Ask

All I Did Was Ask

Conversations with Writers, Actors, Musicians, and Artists (2004

by Terry Gross (1951-)

I’ve listened to Fresh Air since 1990, when Unisys assigned me to work near Philadelphia. I heard it intermittently on WHYY, and really liked Terry Gross’s thoughtful style of interviewing. When the show was picked up on a Washington NPR station, I was able to listen a little more regularly (it’s on too early for afternoon drive-time).

I saw Terry herself interviewed on TV, and first saw what she looked like, when she was promoting this book. She looked pretty uncomfortable being the subject of the interview.

I got the book from the library, and read about half of the 39 interviews, as well as the Introduction. It was interesting to learn a little of her background, and how they put together the interviews, allowing for editing.

It was also interesting to read one or two interviews that I had (partially) heard on the radio. They read much as I remembered hearing them.

These interviews are with artistic people, not political figures. They have a wide range of ages and a corresponding variety of viewpoints. I would recommend the book to anyone; they will likely find a few interviews with people they find interesting. Among those I especially enjoyed were Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Cash, Michael Caine, Mickey Spillane, and Maurice Sendak.


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