2007-05-03: Castle Knob

I registered the domain castleknob.com at the same time I registered blackstone.name (did you notice the anagram?), and purchased hosting from DreamHost. I’ve used it to host the results of my publishing enterprise. The titles and their publication dates are:

2009-04-29: Marie and Claude, by “Lewis Bailhof”
2009-09-22: I Saw Them Ride Away, by Harry Arthur Gant
2010-09-13: The Making of ‘I Saw Them Ride Away’, by Mike Blackstone
2012-01-07: Code of the West, by J. Verl Silvester
2012-11-21: A Long Look At Jug Bay, by Chris Swarth

Some projects have been non-commercial.


2014-?: Door Guide, by Mike Blackstone
2013-10-10: Generation Zero, by Mike Blackstone

Some projects under active development:

Some projects under less-active development:


Carved Heads, by C. E. Gant


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