2009-04-29: Marie and Claude

The first title from my publishing company, Castle Knob Publishing, was Marie and Claude, by Lewis Bailhof.

The development of the manuscript began in mid-1990. During our trip to France, the Unisys office that had supported my work at Goddard Space Flight Center closed, and I was transferred to an office in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. While there, I had the idea for the story that makes up the first chapter, and wrote the initial draft of that chapter.

The story lay at the back of my mind for several years, but by 2002 had been expanded into the basic structure as it was published. However, there was another six years of sporadic work to get it into condition for publishing.

By 2007, I had learned of the possibility of self-publishing through print-on-demand services, and of the connection of the CreateSpace service with Amazon, which allows a book to be listed as “in stock” at Amazon. Some of the best information came from April L. Hamilton.

In late 2008, I created a proof copy with a placeholder cover design, and showed it to Susan and Chris. From then on, they helped with the final rounds of editing, culminating in publication on April 29, 2009.

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