2013-03-09: Hikes with Howard County Recreation and Parks

The Howard County department of Recreation and Parks provides experienced hike leaders and vans to trailheads in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Most are on the Appalachian Trail, but there are also others. They have been leading hikes since at least 1998. We started with them in March 2013. Their website contains descriptions of the hikes and their schedule.

The Howard County program awards patches and “certificates suitable for framing” for participants who walk all seven sections of the AT in Maryland (about 42 miles) within a three-year period; 100 miles of the AT, including sections in Virginia and Pennsylvania; and all four sections of the Catoctin Trail. Their director, Matt Medicus, is very accommodating for people who are nearing these milestones, and schedules hikes to ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve them. The hike leaders have said that only about 130 AT MD patches have been issued in over 20 years.

As of 2016-03-19, we’ve gone on (or scheduled) the walks listed below. Pictures of the patches and certificates suitable for framing are below the table.

DateNameNotes & GPS MilesOfficial MilesOfficial Rating
2017-10-14AT PA #58.7Moderate
2017-09-23Antietam Battlefield8.658.9Moderate
2017-06-10AT MD #1Susan onlyModerately difficult
2017-05-13AT PA #5canceled
2016-12-03Catoctin on the Rocks7.4 - Susan only7Difficult
2016-11-19AT PA #110.09.5Moderate
2016-10-22AT MD #16.26.0Moderately difficult
2016-09-24AT VA #66.35.5Moderately difficult
2016-06-25AT PA #311.09.8Moderate
2016-06-11AT MD #66.97.0Moderate terrain
2016-05-21AT MD #1cancelled - rain6.0Moderately difficult
2016-05-14AT MD #75.55.5Flat
2016-04-23AT VA #3 Roller Coaster17.66.8Moderately difficult
2016-04-09AT MD #26.86.2Moderate
2016-03-19AT MD #47.86.5Moderate
2016-03-12AT PA #26.76.3Moderate
2016-02-20AT MD #39.58.4Moderately difficult
2016-01-09AT MD #56.86.5Moderately difficult
2015-12-05Sugarloaf Mountain6.55Moderate
2015-11-21Gunpowder Falls circuit7.256.5Strenuous terrain
2015-11-07Catoctin #46.6 - Catoctin Trail patches7Moderately difficult
2015-10-24AT MD #39.58.4Moderately difficult
2015-10-10Catoctin #2Susan only7Moderately difficult
2015-09-26AT VA #57.5 - AT 100mi patches6.8Moderate
2015-06-27AT PA #3cancelled - AT 100mi patches9.8Moderate
2015-06-13AT MD #7Susan only5.5Flat
2015-05-09AT MD #28.0 - AT MD patches6.2Moderate
2015-04-25Catoctin #18.58Moderately difficult
2015-03-28AT VA #29.98.4Moderate
2015-02-07AT MD #57.26.5Moderately difficult
2015-01-10AT MD #4Susan only6.5Moderate
2014-11-22AT PA #48.87.7Moderate
2014-11-08Catoctin #28.77Moderately difficult
2014-10-11AT VA #110.310.2Moderate
2014-09-13Susquehanna Grist Mill5.85.5Moderate
2014-06-28Dark Hollows7.08Moderate difficult
2014-06-14AT VA #4 Roller Coaster28.07.8Moderate
2014-05-10AT MD #76.15.5Flat
2014-04-26Sunset Rocks, PA7.87.8Moderate
2014-04-12AT MD #67.47Moderate terrain
2014-03-15AT MD #310.08.4Moderately difficult
2013-12-07AT PA #18.49.5Moderate
2013-11-23Catoctin #37.76Steep terrain
2013-11-09Billy Goat Trail & C&O Canal6.04Difficult
2013-10-26Catoctin on the RocksGPS quit after 1.17Difficult
2013-09-28AT VA #3 Roller Coaster18.36.8Moderately difficult
2013-06-08Great Fallsno GPS7Moderate
2013-05-11AT MD #67.37Moderate terrain
2013-04-13AT MD #47.86.5Moderate
2013-03-09AT MD #16.76Moderately difficult

AT MD Patch_Cert

AT 100 Patch_Cert

CT Patch_Cert

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