2014-08-10: Bilbao and Fireworks

We walked from the Pension to the open-air bus “station”, to catch the 7:30 PESA bus to Bilbao. The bus was very comfortable and on time. We sat right behind the driver, and I noticed several posted messages formed a sort of Rosetta Stone, repeating some messages in Spanish and Basque. I took pictures for later translation.

We arrived in Bilbao before the Guggenheim opened, and walked to the Basque museum. There we found many examples of the gigantes we had seen in Donostia.

We went through the museum, which is easily seen in a few hours, and has several interesting exhibits. I recommend anyone who visits the Guggenheim to also visit the Basque museum.

We then walked to the Guggenheim, and circumnavigated it, taking numerous pictures. It is certainly a striking building, considered one of Frank Gehry’s most important designs.

I found the interior somewhat less impressive, with a confusing mix of rooms. Also, I’m not particularly interested in the specific exhibits displayed when we were there.

The PESA bus return trip to Donostia was timely and uneventful.

There were more parades in the evening, and a fireworks show. The fireworks were launched into a dead calm, and the show was quite intense, 18 minutes long. After about 15 minutes, the cloud of smoke was so dense that some explosions could not be seen, only a dull flash through the cloud like distant lightning.

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