2014-08-11: Donostia

Susan had booked a tapas (pintxos in Basque) tour through the tourism office. As usual, we were there plenty early; we took advantage of the extra time to buy an umbrella. It was raining (not too heavily) and we had raincoats, but it was a nice umbrella.

At the appointed hour, the guide appeared, but another couple (English) had not yet arrived. After waiting a few minutes, the guide took up position in front of the tourism office and began with a history of tapas and Donostia, all the while scanning the sidewalk for the other couple (who never appeared).

Eventually, she took us to the market, and showed us some of the highest quality items. Some would have been good if we had a kitchen and ambitions of cooking our own tapas, but we couldn’t take advantage of those. Susan bought a few items that we could take home.

We stopped at three tapas bars, and sampled one at each, along with Txakoli and cider. All were very good. After the third stop our guide left, and we stayed and ordered some fresh tortilla patata that had just come out of the kitchen.

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