2014-08-12: Travel day

On the 11th, we took a PESA bus to Biarritz airport, where we rented another car from Europcar, this one a Fiat that was quite roomy inside. At the airport, Susan bought a detailed map for the region (1cm = 1.5km).

We then drove (without GPS, relying on Google’s directions) to Geus-d’Oloron, where the Americans attending the wedding were staying at Chez Germaine.

A word about GPS and map directions: The directions that we’re used to in the US are in terms of roads (routes and street names and numbers), and that is the style generated by Google, Apple, MapQuest, etc. In France, the street names and route numbers are not as readily visible when driving. At a roundabout, there are usually no street names at all, but the various exits have the names of towns (and usually a route number). If you have a detailed enough map, you can see which towns are along your route, and thus determine which exit to take. One feature of the roundabout system is that you don’t have to exit until you’ve read all the exit signs, and decided which is most likely to be in the direction you want to go; I sometimes have gone around three times. Also, the relatively frequent roundabouts make it fairly easy to reverse course when you do go wrong.

As we approached the hotel, we saw Betsy, Kristin, and Tim standing on a corner near the hotel.

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