2015-01-23: A Long Look at Jug Bay

A Long Look at Jug Bay (2012)

by Chris Swarth (19?-)

Chris Swarth retired as director of the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in 2012, having served since 1989. Over those 23 years, he contributed many articles to the Sanctuary’s newsletter. While planning his retirement celebration, Susan suggested that we collect all of his articles and combine them into a book, as a surprise to him and his family.

The production process was more labor-intensive than expected, but the finished book was well received. Chris was completely surprised and moved. The book is available for sale, and the question of royalties was resolved by his donating them to the Friends of Jug Bay. Sales have been modest, but not negligible, both through Amazon.com and through the Sanctuary gift shop.



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