2015-01-23: Code of the West

Code of the West (2011)

by J. Verl Silvester (19?-)

In 2009, I went to Los Angeles to meet the Chuck Wagon Trailers (CWT), the remnant of the organization founded by Harry Gant. Among the ten members was “J. D.”, who had been the CWT President at one time.  When I went the second time, in 2010, J.D. told me about his book that he wanted to publish. It took several rounds of editing and proof-reading, as well as revisions to the cover design, but we published Code of the West in 2011. By that time, he wished to be known as J. Verl Silvester, or just “J”.

The book is a mix of polemic, script, and memoir, and he wanted to use it when he spoke to groups about the Old West, sometimes portraying Wild Bill Hitchcock. At these occasions, he usually got a meal but no speaking fee, and he hoped to sell a few books to make it worth his while. As of this writing, he is Castle Knob’s best-selling author.

His formulation of the Code of the West is interesting, in the form of ten complementary pairs of rights and responsibilities. I expect to use parts of it in Neal’s Story.


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