2015-05-09: AT MD Patch & Certificate

Although this is a “backlog”, not a “blog”, this post is made on the day of the event described.

Today Susan and I hiked with the Howard County group on Appalachian Trail Maryland section #2. This completed the series of seven hikes on the Maryland stretch of the AT, and earned each of us a patch and “a certificate suitable for framing”. The hike leaders like to make a big deal of the fact that only about 135 (or maybe 146, they aren’t the most reliable sources) of these patches have been issued.

According to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the distance for the Maryland AT is 40.9 miles. The total of the advertised distance for the Howard County hikes is 46.1 miles. The total of the GPS distances recorded on my iPhone is 53.2 miles. It’s literally true: YMMV.

AT MD Patch_Cert

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