2015-11-27: Personal Projects

This post lists the projects I have in mind. These are unfinished, and in some cases unstarted. Each item is a link to a post describing the project’s goals and status. The date on this post is the date I started the list, so it isn’t particularly informative. Similarly, the dates on the individual projects’ posts are the dates I started their descriptions in this backlog, so they are also not very informative. Maybe I’ll update the dates once I finish all of the projects. (ha, ha)

The list currently has about 30 projects (in arbitrary order, numbered just to see how many there are):

  1. Retirement
  2. Seattle
  3. Neal’s Story
  4. Update Marie and Claude
  5. Update I Saw Them Ride Away
  6. Second edition Making of ‘I Saw Them Ride Away’
  7. Combined edition or collection of ISTRA/MISTRA
  8. Wish You Were Here
  9. Meta-Dimensional Inspector
  10. Carved Heads
  11. Pancho
  12. The Meme: Introduction, Application, Manifesto
  13. Who Cares About …?
  14. Two Years at the Hot End
  15. The End
  16. WN
  17. Saved by Aliens!
  18. Star Woman Comes To Turtle Island
  19. Swimming’ Hole – Polliwogs
  20. Eagles/Kids
  21. Orbiter
  22. Rocket Science For Amateurs
  23. XinX
  24. Chris
  25. Waters of March
  26. Cyc
  27. Gant’s Woman
  28. Digital legacy
  29. Claude’s Tree
  30. Castle Knob website
  31. The Lives of Arthur
  32. I, Replicant
  33. ?

On 2016-06-27 I re-titled this “Personal Projects” after reading Me, Myself, and Us.

As of 2016-02-01, I’ve made a list to record completed projects (if any):

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