2015-11-27: Retirement

Project Goal: Completing the transition from working full time in Maryland to retirement near Seattle.

Major tasks/activities (strikethrough for tasks moved to Seattle project):

  • Make financial arrangements
  • Complete retirement formalities
  • Set up new medical services
  • Move to Seattle area
  • Dispose of Maryland house



  • Financial arrangements have been assessed and planned; retirement appears financially feasible.
  • Received┬áretirement package from Employee Resource Center (ERC), Human Capital Office (HCO) Benefits and Services Team (BeST)
  • Preliminary target date 2016-09-30


  • Notified Katherine of tentative date, and announced to EPO team.


  • Set retirement date of 2016-10-28 (last Friday of third pay period in October).
  • Notified Katherine and EPO and submitted forms; Kathy Rodriguez is designated rep.
  • Ordered copy of marriage certificate.


  • Retired!
  • Changed health plan from BCBS to GEHA, with Medicare B as primary.

2016-11-5 to 2016-11-13:

  • Disney World!


  • Split tasks associated with moving to Seattle into a separate project.
  • Tentatively decided to start receiving Social Security benefit in June 2017.
  • Made financial projects based on recent research and decisions (documented in the Finance_Retirement.xlsx workbook)


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