2015-11-27: Star Woman Comes To Turtle Island

There is a Native American creation myth to the effect that Star Woman lived in the sky, but was banished. At this time the earth was covered with water. However, a turtle saw Star Woman falling, and dove to the bottom of the sea, bringing up mud on its back. When Star Woman fell to earth, she landed on the land on the turtle’s back. For this reason, the land is sometimes called Turtle Island.

I have a vision of a sculpture of a sea turtle (perhaps a loggerhead), rising up through the sea, with a layer of mud on its back. The mud is dripping off the edges of its shell as it swims toward the surface, and the outline is in the shape of North America. The turtle is embedded in a blue-green transparent material, forming the lower part of a sphere. The upper part of the sphere is clear, but contains a speck of something sparkly representing Star Woman, and a trail like a meteor showing the direction she is falling, aimed toward Turtle Island.

I don’t know why this appeals to me, but it could possibly be an attractive piece. I would model the turtle and its island, as well as the sea floor, and have the model 3d-printed and painted. The formulation and forming of the embedding material is still an open question.


2015-11-27: Vision only.



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