2015-11-27: Swimmin’ Hole – Polliwogs

This would be a sculpture embedded in a transparent plastic sphere (like Star Woman), with an old-style swimming hole, a tree next to it, with a rope for kids to swing out and jump into the water. There would be a number of kids in various stages of the cycle: swinging on the rope, diving into the water, swimming under the water, climbing up the bank below the tree.

The quirky aspect of this is that the kid under the water is actually a frog, and those that are partly in water and partly in air are also partly frog and partly kid. I see the whole scenario about a foot across, so the figures are relatively small, maybe three centimeters; thus they don’t need to be very detailed. They would be 3d modeled and printed to make prototyping and reproduction of the piece feasible.


2015-11-27: Vision only


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