2016-07-18: Great Glen Way

When Susan planned a trip for her friends to tour Scotland, she convinced me that we could tack on a trip for ourselves, to see the Orkneys and to walk the Great Glen Way. This walk naturally follows after doing the West Highland Way.

We decided to do it in five days, though this required a couple of long days:

  • Fort William to Gairlochy (10 miles)
  • Gairlochy to South Laggan (12 miles)
  • South Laggan to Invermoriston (18.5 miles)
  • Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit (14 miles)
  • Drumnadrochit to Inverness (18 miles)

As usual, the actual mileage is longer than planned, to get to/from the B&Bs. We found the fourth stage very hard, and worried about the last stage. However, it went OK. When we got to Inverness, we missed a turn to the monument at the end of the trail, and had to find it the next day. Annoyingly, there were no souvenir t-shirts in the town!

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