2017-11: Monthly review

A little late this month, and skipped the previous review, so more than usual to cover.

Much of October was spent in sorting our stuff, to keep, sell, or donate, and packing the portion to keep. A few items were sold on Craigslist.com, quite a bit was donated to Good Will, or placed at the street where many items were taken in a matter of hours. We also worked on minor repairs and cleaning of the house, though the cleaning was mostly wasted effort as the painters and repairmen came through and made a mess in the process.

On October 30, the moving van came and took waaay more stuff away than we should have packed. Downsizing after 39 years in one house is hard! We spent the next two weeks at Carl/Renee/Chad’s house, while we did what we could to get the house ready to sell. Then we handed off to our agent to supervise the rest of the repairs/renovations, loaded Billy into the car and drove across the country. We hadn’t settled on a route ahead of time, as the weather could be a problem along the shortest, most northerly, route. We ended up going through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We made a short side trip to Hastings, NE, where my great-great-grandfather had been mayor in the 1880s. We also stopped briefly at the Messenger Old West Museum in Cheyenne, WY. We generally made good time, except in Wyoming. There we were forced off I-80 by a closure, and had to sit in a parking area with about 50 trucks and 25 cars for around five hours. When finally allowed on the road, we had to backtrack, and made a net progress of only 34 miles that day.

Our stuff arrived while we were still in Maryland, but Chris took care of meeting the movers and directing placement of furniture, boxes and loose items. On December 5 we spent our first night in the house, still surrounded by numerous boxes, and still wondering which box held the most urgent item at any given moment. Moving in is a work in progress.

I accomplished nothing on my projects, except for two sentences for TYHE: The first chapter will describe the various jobs the narrator took after leaving school, before deciding to try space-work. The chapter will end with the sentence: “I hate plumbing.” Chapter two will begin with the sentence: “A spaceship is mostly plumbing.”

I also had an idea for a new project, but haven’t been able to do anything about (tangible) about it: while updating the website for Susan’s Camino (fixing the picture albums), I can collect the material into a book, similar to what I did for Chris’s blog.


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