2017-12: Monthly review

Happy New Year from Shoreline, Washington!

We’re still settling in (i.e., unpacking boxes and trying to find stuff), but we like the house and the area, and being close to Ren (and Chris and Grant).

I accomplished nothing of my projects that aren’t related to the move, but I feel like I should be able to get re-started soon. I did get my first bike ride since the move today, 10 miles. The movers messed up my bike, but at least it’s rideable. Due to the move, I didn’t ride at all after October 24. My total for 2017 was 1,740 miles; my target was 2,100.

We had a white Christmas in Shoreline, nearly unheard-of. The day was spent mostly at Chris’s, with a couple of returns home to walk Billy. It’s very convenient to be so near. We could take Billy over there (and we have), but he and Batu (Golden Retriever) get rambunctious, not a good idea with a slew of presents under the tree or being opened. Also, Billy felt the need to mark a chair in their living room. We’re all learning something.


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