2018-01: Monthly review

We’re settling into Shoreline. This involves developing isolated activities into patterns. For instance, we’ve shopped at several food markets, and now Susan has an idea of which stores to go to for various types of provisions (e.g., meat, produce, good prices on staples). We’ve also begun getting appointments with various doctors. And of course we’ve been spending a lot of time with Ren, Chris and Grant.

I’ve been riding my bicycle, at last! In Maryland, I practically never rode outside in the winter. Here, I’m trying to ride like a local. I spent a significant amount on clothing suitable for the weather, and I’m hopeful of doing the famous Chilly Hilly ride on February 25. I’ve found a couple of routes I can ride from home, including some fairly steep segments. I’ve been on a longer ride with Grant and Benton. I’ve also started recording some of my rides on Strava.

We have a contract to sell our house in Edgewater, with settlement planned for February 16. If this goes through, it will be the last formal tie to Maryland. Our agent, Chip, has been very good about handling the details and keeping us informed. I’m looking forward to converting a substantial fraction of our assets from the illiquid real estate form to cash. There will still be some expense to correct issues found during the home inspection.

On the project side, not much progress on Neal’s Story or WN. However, I put together a first draft of Susan’s Camino, and gave her a proof copy. This was a project I imagined back in the fall, when I realized it was the tenth anniversary of her 500 mile pilgrimage. I’ve also updated the website for her Camino commentary and pictures; it needs her attention to refine it. Once that is done, we can add some pictures to her book and publish it.

The unpacking process is taking longer than anticipated, even with Chris prodding us. There are boxes we haven’t opened, and things we’ve looked for that we can’t find. We are making progress.



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