2018-02: Monthly review

Settlement on our house took place on schedule, February 16. The proceeds from the sale were deposited in our account on February 20.

I’m about as ready for the Chilly Hilly as I can get. I’ve only had three longish rides: rides of 20 and 32 miles on the Interurban Trail, and¬†25 miles on the Burke-Gilman with Grant and Benton. Besides those, I’ve ridden the loop that includes the Innis Arden Hill climb and 175th St climb several times.¬†Grant and Benton assure me that I won’t have any problem.

I’m hoping the weather isn’t too cold and wet. I have a rear fender installed, but couldn’t get the front fender on; the screws don’t seem to fit the holes in the fork ends. I received the jersey on February 17, as I was getting for a ride, so I wore it, unwashed (gasp!).

The weather on the 25th was about as good as you could hope for. When we started riding, the temperature was about 40, but wind was not much of a factor, and we had no precipitation. At the same time we were riding, Susan, Chris and Ren (and Billy and Batu) took part in a 5k in Shoreline. They had rain.

I felt that I did well. The distance wasn’t a problem, and the hills were mostly less steep than I’ve trained on, or quite a bit shorter. I probably could have gone faster over all, but I was happy to let Grant and Benton set the pace. I certainly wouldn’t have tried the ride without their encouragement, as I was pretty intimidated by the potential weather conditions. Plus they knew where to eat afterward.

I’ve been reading quite a bit from the library; I really like their “For later” shelf and the breadth of their collection. I’ve only written one book report, for Rovelli’s book on loop quantum gravity.


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