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One of my goals with this blog is to capture the book reports I’ve written, reviewing them as I go. Each book report is included in a post (links to the posts are under the “bookreport” heading on the page of Posts grouped by tags), and the table below summarizes them. (Editing of the table is done in the TablePress section of the Dashboard, by clicking the ‘Edit’ link just below the table.)

I should mention something about the tag ‘memes’ that appears on several book reports.

titlecreation yearprimary authorco-authorsreport date
As I Knew Him2013Serling, Anne2017-05-13
Beyond the Northlands2016Barraclough, Eleanor Rosamund2017-03-08
Glass Universe, The2016Sobel, Dava2017-02-17
Black Hole Blues2016Levin, Janna2017-01-2017
A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines2006Levin, Janna2017-01-27
Other Minds2016Godfrey-Smith, Peter2017-01-27
Sapiens2015Harari, Yuval Noah2016-12-03
Becoming Steve Jobs2015Schlender, BrentTetzeli, Rick2015-05-22
A Long Look at Jug Bay2012Swarth, Chris2015-01-23
Code of the West2011Silvester, J. Verl2015-01-23
Ren's First Words2014Brown, RenBrown, Grant & Blackstone, Chris2015-01-23
Generation Zero2013Blackstone, Mike2015-01-23
The Making of "I Saw Them Ride Away"2010Blackstone, Mike2015-01-23
Wish You Were Here2013Blackstone, Chris2015-01-23
Abelard and Heloise2005Mews, Constant J.2015-01-19
I Saw Them Ride Away2009Gant, Harry A.2015-01-19
Marie and Claude2009Bailhof, Lewis2015-01-19
Sixties Unplugged, The2008De Groot, Gerard J2014-11-21
Haiku1949Blyth, R. H.2009-03-27
Life of the Cosmos, The1997Smolin, Lee2009-01-24
Here Comes Everybody2008Shirky, Clay2009-01-10
Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The1998Bauby, Jean-Dominique2008-11-12
Inner Game of Tennis, The1997Gallwey, W. Timothy2008-10-04
Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, The1976Jaynes, Julian2008-09-21
Into the Wild1996Krakauer, Jon2008-02-18
Attention Revolution, The2006Wallace, B Allan2007-12-09
Stuff Of Thought, The2007Pinker, Steven2007-11-24
Words and Rules1999Pinker, Steven2007-11-23
Made To Stick2007Heath, ChipHeath, Dan (co)2007-11-03
Power and the Glory, The1940Greene, Graham2007-09-15
Lord Jim1900Conrad, Joseph2007-08-29
Emotion Machine, The2007Minsky, Marvin2007-06-14
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea2003Cahill, Thomas2007-05-20
Desire of the Everlasting Hills1999Cahill, Thomas2007-04-29
Tales Before Tolkien2003Anderson, Douglas A (ed)2007-04-26
Gifts of the Jews1998Cahill, Thomas2007-04-01
Memoirs of a Geisha1997Golden, Arthur2007-03-30
New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, The2001James, Bill2007-03-15
iWoz2006Wozniak, SteveSmith, Gina (co)2007-02-24
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors1992Sagan, CarlDruyan, Ann (co)2007-01-26
Moneyball2003Lewis, Michael2007-01-14
Cave Painters, The2006Curtis, Gregory? Pink, Daniel H. (a)2007-01-11
Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard, The1999Mews, Constant J2006-11-23
Understanding Comics1993McCloud, Scott2006-11-10
What Is Thought?2004Baum, Eric B2006-10-26
In Search Of Memory2006Kandel, Eric R2006-10-25
Silent Spring1962Carson, Rachel2006-08-06
Oxford History of the American People, The1965Morison, Samuel Eliot2006-07-07
Consilience1998Wilson, Edward O.2006-03-25
On Human Nature1978Wilson, Edward O.2005-12-31
Kings and Queens of Early Britain1990Ashe, Geoffrey2005-12-31
Danger On Peaks2004Snyder, Gary2005-09-26
What the Dormouse Said2005Markoff, John2005-09-25
What Lincoln Believed2004Lind, Michael2005-08-29
Bird by Bird1994Lamott, Anne2005-06-18
Cicero2001Everitt, Anthony2005-06-12
How to Win Friends & Influence People1936Carnegie, Dale2005-05-28
J M Barrie and the Lost Boys2003Birkin, Andrew2005-05-14
On Intelligence2004Hawkins, JeffBlakeslee, Susan (co)2005-04-13
Records of the Grand Historian: Qin Dynasty1993Qian, SimaWatson, Burton (tr)2005-04-02
Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The2004Palast, Greg2005-04-02
All I Did Was Ask2004Gross, Terry2005-04-02
Getting Things Done2001Allen, David2005-04-02
Elegant Universe, The1999Greene, Brian2005-02-24
Will In The World2004Greenblatt, Stephen2005-02-18
We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families1998Gourevitch, Philip2005-02-05
How to Lie with Statistics1954Huff, Darrell2005-01-22
First Three Minutes, The1977Weinberg, Steven2005-01-10
Bound for Glory1943Guthrie, Woody2005-01-07
Chronicles, Volume 12004Dylan, Bob2004-12-16
Mind2004Searle, John R.2004-12-06
Marriage as a Psychological Relationship1925Jung, C. G.Hull, R. F. C. (tr)2004-12-06
Understanding Emotions1996Jenkins, Jennifer M.Oatley, Keith (a)2004-11-19
Eats, Shoots & Leaves2004Truss, Lynne2004-10-28
I'm With Stupid2004Barreca, GinaWeingarten, Gene (a)2004-10-28
Emotion Machine, The2004Minsky, Marvin2004-10-10
Twenty Years A-Growing1933O'Sullivan, MauriceDavies, Moya Llewelyn (tr); Thompson, George (tr)2004-10-06
Inmates Are Running The Asylum, The1999Cooper, Alan2004-09-22
Old Woman's Reflections, An1939Sayers, PeigEnnis, Seamus (tr)2004-09-10
Islandman, The1929O'Crohan, TomasFlower, Robin (tr)2004-09-10
Things Fall Apart1959Achebe, Chinua2004-09-06
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The2002Haddon, Mark2004-08-08
Collected Novellas1990Garc’a M‡rquez, GabrielBernstein, J.S. (tr); Rabassa, Gregory (tr)2004-08-08
Free Agent Nation2001Pink, Daniel H.2004-07-11
Parrot's Theorem, The2000Guedj, DenisWynne, Frank (tr)2004-07-11
Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage, The2004Hitz, Frederick P.2004-07-06
Kim1901Kipling, Rudyard2004-06-24
Silmarillion, The1981Tolkien, J. R. R.Tolkien, Christopher (ed)2004-05-31
When I Was Cool2004Kashner, Sam2004-05-31
Beowulf [Heaney]2000Beowulf-Poet,Heaney, Seamus (tr)2004-05-31
Beowulf [Raffel]1963Beowulf-Poet,Raffel, Burton (tr)2004-05-17
How the Scots Invented the Modern World2001Herman, Arthur2004-05-02
Beowulf Poet, The1968Fry, Donald K. (ed)2004-04-27
Consciousness Explained1991Dennett, Daniel C.2004-04-17
Meme Machine, The1999Blackmore, Susan2004-04-10
Shakespeare2003Wood, Michael2004-03-21
King of Elfland's Daughter, The1924Dunsany, Lord2004-03-09
Charlie Wilson's War2003Crile, George2004-02-26
Mysteries of the Snake Goddess2002Lapatin, Kenneth2004-02-16
Freedom Evolves2003Dennett, Daniel C.2004-02-16
Emotions2001Evans, Dylan2004-01-20
Value of Positive Emotions, The [American Scientist]2003Fredrickson, Barbara L.2004-01-09
Parade's End1928Ford, Ford Madox2003-12-11
Autobiography [Jefferson]1821Jefferson, Thomas2003-10-18
Singer of Tales, The2000Lord, Albert B.2003-09-24
Shakespeare1998Bloom, Harold2003-09-21
Supreme Injustice2001Dershowitz, Alan M.2003-09-01
We1921Zamyatin, YevgenyGinsberg, Mirra (tr)2003-08-06
Language of the Night, The1989LeGuin, Ursula K.2003-07-27
Eight Men Out1963Asinof, Eliot2003-04-16
Blank Slate, The2002Pinker, Steven2003-03-21
Patterns in the Mind1994Jackendoff, Ray2003-03-18
Atoms of Language, The2001Baker, Mark C.2003-02-04
This Land Was Made for You and Me2002Partridge, Elizabeth2003-02-01
Makers of Rome100Plutarch,Scott-Kilvert, Ian (tr)2003-01-18
Hands On Feet2001Kluck, Michelle2002-12-29
War Commentaries of Caesar-45Caesar, JuliusWarner, Rex (tr)2002-12-29
Style2000Williams, Joseph M.2002-12-08
Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom1965Aldred, Cyril2002-11-30
Darwin's Dangerous Idea1995Dennett, Daniel C.2002-11-17
Language Instinct, The1994Pinker, Steven2002-09-28
How the Mind Works1997Pinker, Steven2002-09-17
Chuang Tsu Inner Chapters-350Chuang Tzu,English, Jane (tr); Feng, Gia-fu (tr)2002-07-07
Entering the Stream1993Bercholz, SamuelKohn, Sherab Chodzin (co)2002-07-07
From Dawn to Decadence2000Barzun, Jacques2002-06-09
Wild Fruits2000Thoreau, Henry David2002-04-28
Power of Babel, The2001McWhorter, John2002-04-24
Sand County Almanac, A1949Leopold, Aldo2002-03-30
Cluetrain Manifesto, The2000Levine, Rick2002-02-12
Unweaving the Rainbow1998Dawkins, Richard2002-01-12
Forgetting, The2001Shenk, David2002-01-07
Carnage and Culture2001Hanson, Victor Davis2001-12-16
Bhagavad Gita2000Mitchell, Stephen (tr)2001-11-22
Tao Te Ching (LeGuin)-500Lao Tzu,LeGuin, Ursula K. (int)2001-11-22
Tyranny of the Bottom Line1996Estes, Ralph2001-11-22
Dechronization of Sam Magruder, The1996Simpson, George Gaylord2001-11-11
Sword and the Shield, The1999Kenworthy, E. W.Mitrokhin, Vasili (co)2001-09-30
Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories, The1992Shippey, Tom (ed)2001-09-03
J. R. R. Tolkien2000Shippey, Tom2001-09-02
Sciences of the Artificial1996Simon, Herbert A.2001-06-30
Nature of Emotions, The2001Plutchik, Robert2001-06-20
From Dawn to Decadence2000Barzun, Jacques2001-04-30
Tipping Point, The2000Gladwell, Malcolm2001-04-20
Chinese Theory of Art, The1967Yutang, Lin2001-03-31
Nebula Awards 331999Willis, Connie (ed)2001-02-03
New Legends1995Bear, Greg (ed)Greenberg, Martin H. (ed)2001-01-26
Nation Divided, A1984Dougan, ClarkLipsman, Samuel (co)2000-10-28
Frog Prince, The1999Mitchell, Stephen2000-10-24
Day the Presses Stopped, The1996Rudenstine, David2000-10-22
Pentagon Papers, The1971Sheehan, NeilButterfield, Fox (co); Kenworthy, E. W. (co); Smith, Hedrick (co)2000-10-15
Tao: The Watercourse Way1975Watts, Alan W.2000-09-24
Medieval Outlaws1998Ohlgren, Thomas H. (ed)2000-09-09
Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears1990Datlow, Ellen (ed)Windling, Ellen (ed)2000-09-09
Snow White, Blood Red1990Datlow, Ellen (ed)Windling, Ellen (ed)2000-09-09
Black Thorn, White Rose1990Datlow, EllenWindling, Ellen (ed)2000-09-09
Simple & Direct1975Barzun, Jacques2000-08-28
Isles, The1999Davies, Norman2000-08-13
This New Ocean1998Burrows, William E.2000-07-30
Longitude1995Sobel, Dava2000-05-15
Galileo's Daughter1999Sobel, Dava2000-05-14
David Story, The1999Alter, Robert2000-05-04
Classic Fairy Tales, The1974Opie, PeterOpie, Iona (a)2000-04-22
Introduction to Zen Buddhism, An1964Suzuki, Daisetz T.2000-04-03
Power of Myth, The1988Campbell, JosephMoyers, Bill (co)2000-04-02
Way of Zen, The1957Watts, Alan W.2000-03-26
Elbow Room1984Dennett, Daniel C.2000-03-07
Basque History of the World, The1999Kurlansky, Mark2000-02-10
Tao of Zen, The1994Grigg, Ray2000-01-25
Art of Happiness, The1998Tenzin Gyatso, Dalai LamaCutler, Howard C. (co)2000-01-06
Conflict of Visions, A1987Sowell, Thomas1999-08-14
Infinite Loop1999Malone, Michael S.1999-08-14
84, Charing Cross Road1970Hanff, Helene1999-08-14
Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey1982Schlissel, Lillian1999-03-28
World of Odysseus, The1979Finley, M. I.1998-10-25
Contact1985Sagan, Carl1998-08-22
Wooden Bowl, The1998Strand, Clark1998-08-08
Creators1992Boorstin, Daniel J.1998-08-08
Honor's Voice1998Wilson, Douglas L.1998-06-28
Buddhism Without Beliefs1997Batchelor, Stephen1998-04-26
Sparrow, The1996Williams, Joseph M.1998-04-16
Siddhartha1922Hess, HermannRosner, Hilda (tr)1998-04-12
Medieval Foundations of the Western Intellectual Tradition1997Colish, Marcia L.1998-04-11
Way of Chuang Tzu, The1965Merton, Thomas1998-02-25
Rise of the West, The1963McNeill, William H.1997-12-28
Norton Classical Literature1993Knox, Berbard (ed)1997-11-15
New Oxford Guide to Writing1988Kane, Thomas S.1997-11-15
Echo of Greece, The1957Hamilton, Edith1997-10-05
Roman Way, The1932Hamilton, Edith1997-09-26
Njal's Saga letter to Mom1997Blackstone, Michael1997-08-02
Independent People1946Laxness, HalldorThompson, J. A. (tr)1997-07-26
Genesis1996Mitchell, Stephen (tr)1997-05-03
Book of Job, The1987Mitchell, Stephen (tr)1997-04-30
Gospel According to Jesus, The1991Mitchell, Stephen1997-04-27
Enlightened Mind, The1991Mitchell, Stephen1997-04-11
Tao Te Ching (Mitchell)-500Lao Tzu,Mitchell, Stephen (tr)1997-04-11
Anna Karenina1877Tolstoy, LeoCarmichael, Joel (tr)1997-03-13
How the Irish Saved Civilization1995Cahill, Thomas1997-01-07
Kinds of Minds1996Dennett, Daniel C.1996-12-20
Autobiography [Gandhi]1948Gandhi, Mohandas K.Desai, Mahadev (trr)1996-11-14
Bringing Design to Software1995Winograd, Terry (ed)1996-09-19
Walk in the Dark Ages, A1988Delaney, Frank1996-08-11
Gracie1988Burns, George1996-07-29
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The1788Gibbon, Edward1996-07-18
Loom of Language, The1944Bodmer, FrederickHogben, Lancelot (ed)1996-07-16
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance1974Pirsig, Robert M.1996-06-22
Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain1993Salway, Peter1996-04-10
Phaedre1961Racine, Jean1996-04-10
Classics Revisited & More Classics Revisited1986Rexroth, KennethMorrow, Bradford (ed)1996-03-07
Sign and the Seal, The1992Hancock, Graham1996-03-05
Philosophy of the Ancients, The1991Ricken, FriedoWatkins, Eric (tr)1996-02-09
Letters of Abelard and Heloise, The1974Radice, Betty (tr)1996-01-14
More Latin Lyrics1944Waddell, Helen1995-12-24
Four Ways to Forgiveness1995LeGuin, Ursula K.1995-12-24
Arthurian Romances1175Troyes, Chretien deCarrol, Carleton W. (tr)1995-11-26
Eyrbagga Saga1275Palsson, HermannEdwards, Paul (tr)1995-09-14
Discovery of King Arthur, The1985Ashe, Geoffrey1995-08-12
Njal's Saga1100Magnusson, Magnus (tr)Palsson, Hermann (tr)1995-07-15
Works & Days and Theogony-800Hesiod,Lombardo, Stanley (tr)1995-07-02
Much Ado About Nothing1600Shakespeare, William1995-06-27
Anabasis (in Portable Greek Historians)1959Finley, M. I. (ed)1995-06-25
Classical Greeks, The1989Grant, Michael1995-06-04
History of the Peloponnesian War-400Thucydides,Finley, M. I. (tr)1995-05-22
Rise of the Greeks, The1987Grant, Michael1995-04-24
All One Universe1996Anderson, Poul1995-04-23
Complete Greek Tragedies, The; vol 1, Aeschylus-300AeschylusLattimore, Richard (tr); Benardete, Seth (tr); Green, David (tr)1995-04-06
Descarte's Error1994Damasio, Antonio R.1995-04-05
Walk Through Wales, A1992Bailey, Anthony1995-04-04
Portable Greek Reader, The1948Auden, W. H.1995-02-08
Celts, The1986Delaney, Frank1995-01-24
Philosphy at 33 1/3 RPM1993Harris, James F.1995-01-23
Earliest English Poems1991Alexander, Michael (tr)1995-01-14
Greek Way, The1943Hamilton, Edith1995-01-01
Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?1994Black, Baxter1994-11-12
Odyssey, The-750Homer,Rieu, E. V. (tr)1994-11-07
Sarum1983Rutherfurd, Edward1994-09-18
Out of My Life and Thought1933Schweizer, Albert1994-08-19
History of the Celtic People, The1934Hubert, Henri1994-08-10
Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei1987Weinberger, EliotPaz, Octavio (co)1994-06-08
Popularity of Writers, The1994Blackstone, Michael1994-06-07
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The1968Wolfe, Tom1994-06-06
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest1962Kesey, Ken1994-06-06
In the Age of Mankind1988Lewin, Roger1994-05-18
Sun Also Rises, The1926Hemingway, Ernest1994-05-18
William Burroughs1993Miles, Barry1994-04-18
Furthur Inquiry, The1992Kesey, Ken1994-04-12
Who Wrote the Bible?1987Friedman, Richard Elliott1993-11-11
Man's Rise to Civilization1976Farb, Peter1993-10-19
Nine Sides of the Diamond1992Falkner, David1993-09-27
Chrysanthemum and the Sword, The1946Benedict, Ruth1993-09-05
Wealth of Nations, The1776Smith, Adam1993-08-14
Oxford English Dictionary1993Murray, James (ed)et al1993-08-08
Antichaos and Adaptation (Scientific American)1991Kaufmann, Stuart A.1993-08-08
Life Itself1981Crick, Francis1993-08-08
Kerouac and the Beats1988Shippey, Tom1993-06-04
Practice of the Wild1990Snyder, Gary1993-06-03
Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community1972Duberman, Martin1993-05-28
Modern Times:The World from the Twenties to the Eighties1983Johnson, Paul1993-05-16
Eminent Victorians1918Strachey, Lytton1993-05-02
Prelude to Foundation1983Asimov, Isaac1993-04-17
Macintosh Way, The1989Kawasaki, Guy1993-03-30
Egypt's Making1991Rice, Michael1993-03-20
Iliad, The-750Homer,1993-03-04
Ancient India1950Kosambi, D. D.1993-01-30
Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China1939Waley, Arthur1993-01-19
Tale of Genji, The1020Murasaki, Shikibu1993-01-11
History of the Ancient World1991Starr, Chester G.1992-12-25
Trial of Socrates, The1988Stone, I. F.1992-12-03
Intentional Stance, The1987Dennett, Daniel C.1992-11-12
If You Want to Write1938Euland, Brenda1992-10-27
Patterns of Culture1958Benedict, Ruth1992-10-02
People of the Lake1978Leakey, RichardLewin, Roger (co)1992-09-09
Celts, The1975Herm, Gerhard1992-08-31
Ocean of Wisdom1989Tenzin Gyatso, Dalai Lama1992-08-16
Ascent of Man, The1975Bronowski, Jacob1992-08-10
Proud Tower, The1966Tuchman, Barbara W.1992-07-21
What We Lost in the Great War1992Gordon, John Steele1992-07-20
Democracy in America1840Toqueville, Alexis deHeffner, Richard D. (ed); Bowen, Francis (tr); Reeve, Henry (tr)1992-06-01
Histories of Herodotus, The-450Herodotus,Selincourt, Aubrey de (tr)1992-05-18
Clan of the Cave Bear, The2001Auel, Jean1992-04-29
Who Wrote the Bible?1987Friedman, Richard Elliott1992-04-04
Lila1991Pirsig, Robert M.1992-03-24
Canterbury Tales, The1400Chaucer, GeoffreyCoghill, Neville (tr)1992-03-22
Gods, Men and Ghosts1971Dunsany, LordBleiler, E. F. (ed)1992-03-11
Bhagavad-Gita1969Zaehner, Robert Charles (tr)1992-03-10
Book of J, The1990Bloom, HaroldRosenberg, David (tr)1992-03-06
Hinduism1983Zaehner, Robert Charles1992-02-29
Marco Polo1298Polo, Marco1992-02-23
Searoad1991LeGuin, Ursula K.1992-02-20
Mirror Worlds1991Gelernter, David1992-02-15
Fleurs de Mal, Les1857Baudelaire, CharlesHoward, Richard (tr)1992-02-15
Travels with a Donkey & An Inland Voyage1879Stevenson, Robert Louis1992-02-03
Compleat Angler, The1700Walton, Izaak1992-01-25
Society Of Mind, The1986Minsky, Marvinplaceholder for unfinished report0000-00-00
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