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2016-10-10: Bicycle jerseys

In the 1980s, Susan and I became fans of professional bicycle racing, once they started showing races on TV. Of course, they started with the biggest race, the Tour de France, but nowadays many other races on the cycling calendar make it to various channels.

You’ve probably seen brightly colored bicycle jerseys worn by “serious” cyclists, along with spandex shorts. These might advertise local clubs, or brands of bike makers, or professional teams. When we were in Spain in 2002, Susan and I went into a sporting goods store called Decathlon, and saw jerseys for a couple of Spanish professional teams. Susan tried on the ONCE jersey, but it was such a bright yellow, she said she could never wear it. The other jersey on offer was for Kelme (a sportswear company); we bought one each. (Partly, this was a joke to agitate Chris with her parents dressing up alike.) The picture shows the front and back of the jersey.


A while later, we decided we needed another jersey, so went to a nearby store (well, it was in Pennsylvania) and found matching jerseys for another Spanish team, sponsored by iBanesto.com (an online bank); they only sponsored a team until 2003. By this time Kelme had folded, and we joked that we only bought jerseys for defunct Spanish professional cycling teams.


Also in 2003, ONCE (a Spanish lottery that benefits the blind) ended their long-time sponsorship of a team. Naturally, we had to accept that we no longer found their color scheme so objectionable, and purchased jerseys via an online store.





2010-05-31: Cycling Vermont

In 193?, Susan’s parents joined their friends Millie and Selwyn Plummer (Uncle Plum) on a bicycle trip in Vermont. This was probably Uncle Plum’s idea. They took a train to their starting point, and rode a 400+ mile tour around Vermont, staying in a variety of accommodations (apparently including a chicken coop). Susan has several pictures taken along the way (Uncle Plum was photographer for a Connecticut newspaper).

Susan found a note written by her Mom, describing the trip, and wanted to try to duplicate their trip. We started in Greenfield, Mass and rode a large loop of 429 miles in twelve days. The legs were:

Date (2010)From-ToWeatherMilesTime (h:mm)Avg mi/hrClimb (ft)
5/31Greenfield, MA - Brattleboro, VTclear-24.732:309.9 1,072
6/1Brattleboro - Jamaica, VTovercast-26.232:598.8 1,692
6/2Jamaica - Dorset, VT25.923:098.2 2,126
6/3Dorset - Lake Bomoseen, VT36.613:1211.4987
6/4Lake Bomoseen - Lincoln, VTovercast-46.525:079.1 2,847
6/5Lincoln - Underhill Flats, VTovercast-35.644:018.9 2,395
6/6Underhill Flats - Hardwick, VTrain-5545.675:258.4 1,683
6/7Hardwick, VT - Woodsville, NH46.814:3710.1 2,552
6/8Woodsville, NH - White River Junction, VTshowers46.64:3410.2 1,830
6/9White River Junction - Springfield, VTovercast-32.33:1010.2 1,731
6/10Springfield, VT - Brattleboro, VTrain-37.924:168.9 2,349
6/11Brattleboro, VT - Greenfield, MA24.522:2010.5938
Total429.4745:249.5 22,202

1992-00-00: Cycling

Of course I rode a bike before 1992, and I have the scars to prove it.

Around 1992, we bought three hybrid bikes. (Our old ten-speeds were in pretty bad shape.) Susan and I got matching Specialized Crossroads (black), and Chris got a Specialized Hardrock. These lasted until 2006, when Susan and I bought a matching pair (see the theme?) of Specialized Sirrus (silver). In 2014, I got a Specialized Sirrus Elite (black/red), breaking the pattern.

I started keeping a log of Susan’s and my rides in 2003, and have kept it pretty well up-to-date since then, with over 15,000 miles logged. Using an Excel workbook, I can slice and dice the numbers to look at the rides in different ways. The most common way I use it these days (in 2014), is to track the cumulative miles by month since the beginning of the year. This shows me how I’m doing compared with the past few years. In 2013 I rode 1,827 miles. As of July 2014, I’m  more than 100 miles behind the pace I set last year.

Most of our riding starts and ends at the house, but occasionally we’ve done other rides. A couple of times we rode to Solomon’s Island for an overnight stay at a B&B. We’ve ridden in Seattle when visiting Chris and Grant. Our biggest ride was in 2010, a 12-day tour of Vermont that deserves its own post.